Nairn Purss

Nairn Purss

Call 1999

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Prior to becoming a barrister, Nairn practiced as a Social Worker for 13 years both in Glasgow and in London. Although aspects of this work were generic, he had an orientation toward child protection and mental health, working with families mostly on a preventative basis to enable them to function sufficiently within their communities.

Nairn practiced both in residential settings and in the community, which was a rewarding and enlightening experience enabling a practical understanding of the causal links between social deprivation, intergenerational patterns of functioning and personal & familial crisis.

Consequently, on being called to the bar in 1999 his practice developed with a particular focus on public child care law. Within the arena of the law come the most acute difficulties manifest in individuals and communities. He remains intrigued by the capacity of the law to scrutinise, excavate and challenge both the complexity of the individual and the regulatory structures of our society and with equanimity uphold the principles of fairness on behalf of both.


Jordanhill College, Strathclyde University

Law Conversion:
Goldsmiths College, London University

Law School:
Inns of Court School of Law (1999)


Inner Temple