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Jacqui Gilliatt

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“Jacqui Gilliatt is routinely instructed in cases involving issues of a serious magnitude, including those concerning fictitious illness, allegations of sexual abuse and injury, and drug and alcohol misuse. “Jacqui is clear and concise, and determined and incisive in both her written and oral submissions. She shows exceptional attention to detail, without losing sight of the overall picture, and her cross-examinations are simply outstanding.” Chambers UK Bar 2019

Jacqui has over 25 years’ experience in cases about children both between parents (and other family members) and involving social services.  She is trained in and enthusiastic about accepting direct access instructions.

Jacqui’s practice has included cases involving: baby shaking, complex or conflicting medical evidence, disability, disputes between same sex couples, domestic violence, education law, fabricated allegations, forced marriage & ‘honour’ violence, human rights, human trafficking, incest, international law, intractable contact / residence disputes, mental health, non-accidental injuries, Official Solicitor, parallel criminal proceedings, placement outside the jurisdiction, sexual abuse, substance misuse & addiction, sudden infant death, transgender issues & unexplained deaths.

Jacqui is a member of Jordan’s Family Law Advisory Board and is the General Editor of the Family Law Week Blog. She regularly presents seminars on family law topics.

Jacqui has her own recently relaunched website, Children in Law (now incorporating Bloody Relations & new blogs Paramount Considerations, Family Law Webworld & The Law Is a Funny Business). She also curates several online papers, Law & Decree Absolute (Paper.Li) and Children in LawDecree Absolute & Legal In General (Scoop It).

Recent seminars have included:

  • Advocacy in Public Law Proceedings (Jordans 2009, 2010)
  • Hair Alcohol Testing (2010)
  • PLO Podcast (2010)
  • Children Across Borders (2013 LBLA Conference)
  • s 20: Local Authorities on the Naughty Step (2015 LBLA Conference)

Recently published articles include S 20 Children Act 1989: Consent not Coercion: Issue or Be Damned on Family Law Week and s17 & Child Arrangements Orders on the Local Government Lawyer

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University: Oxford

Law School: Westminster University


Middle Temple


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